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Microsoft has a secret garage where lots of amazing things are thought up, and few escape into the public realm. One recent Microsoft Garage app is the PRESENTATION TRANSLATOR.


The Presentation Translator is an add-in from Microsoft that is designed to help presenters communicate with their audience members who speak a different language, or may be deaf/hard of hearing. It does slide translation as automatic narration, live subtitling, and interactive live translation using mobile devices.

While not perfect, it is impressive, and fun to use. To install you need to download direct from the Microsoft Garage webpage (no Office Store install option yet). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator/apps/presentation-translator/ LIVE SUBTITLING, one of the key features, allows the presenter to speak in 1 of 10 spoken languages while the add-in creates real-time, live subtitles translated into one of more than 60 text translation languages.


The customized speech recognition feature uses the slide content to learn your language, helping ensure proper translation. To start the live subtitles, go to the Slide Show tab and select Start Subtitles.

Microsoft Presentation Translator with LIVE Subtitles

Before you start, you have to click “Accept” to agree to the terms of use. Walk through the overview by clicking Next until you reach the settings options. Select the speaking language and the subtitle display language. Check Customize speech recognition if you would like to use this feature, and select your microphone device.

Microsoft Presentation Translator with LIVE Subtitles

You can also enter a presenter name, select subtitle locations, log in for authentication settings, and turn on or off the optional instructional slide by clicking Additional settings.

When finished with all settings, click Next. Once loaded, your presentation will begin and subtitles will appear in the location you selected.

Microsoft Presentation Translator with LIVE Subtitles

NOTE: A new slide will be inserted before your first slide that will display a QR code and instructions (in the language you selected) for your audience members to follow along in the language of their choice using the Microsoft Translator app on their chosen device.


Here is one of our sample slides with the sentence “The Live Subtitles feature translates spoken content into subtitles” with the subtitles at the bottom

Microsoft Presentation Translator with LIVE Subtitles

Have a go with this free tool and amaze your next audience.


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